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Dental FAQs | Oral Hygiene Concerns & Enquiries

Bridge Of Earn Dental Practice FAQ

How do I register?
What should I bring to my first appointment?
What do I do if I have toothache or a dental emergency?
What do I do if I break a tooth?
What do I do if I knock out my tooth/my child knocks out their tooth?
I don't have any teeth why do I need to see a dentist every year?
How does smoking affect my mouth?
Are dental x rays dangerous?
When should I first take my child to the dentist?
How do I brush my child's teeth?
Why do my child's adult teeth look dark/yellow compared to their baby teeth and what are the bumps on the end of the teeth?
My gums bleed, what causes this and what should I do?
What is tooth erosion?
What can I do help my sensitive teeth?
What can I do to stop grinding or clenching my teeth?
Do you provide tooth whitening and why should I come to the dentist to have it done?
Do you provide facial rejuvenation treatments?
Are antiwrinkle injections safe and how long do they last?
Are dermal fillers safe and how long do they last?
I have been advised to have a tooth extracted, what are my options to replace it?
What do I do after having a tooth extracted?
How do I clean my dentures?
What should I do if I am not happy with an aspect of my care?
Do you charge for missed appointments or late cancellations?
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